About Velvet Cricket


Velvet CricketThe Velvet Cricket began as a partnership forged in the appreciation of design, art, history and all things awesome. The "Crickets" have a variety of backgrounds including architecture, business management, public relations and marketing, fashion, visual arts and collecting. We strive to offer top-notch services for a unique buying and selling experience and want to offer a memorable opportunity for all of our clients to interact in our exclusive gallery. These promises are rooted with community values and aim for excellence throughout the auction marketplace. Come and see what we are all about!

When Small Is Better

Our small-but-mighty auction company offers flexibility. We take consignments from a few special pieces to a lifetime of accumulated goods. We treat the treasures you consign to us with special care. Online and in our gallery, every item is displayed to the widest local audience in the best possible light. Also, we are agile and can move merchandise quickly.

Where Local Means More Value

Each item matters more and we work harder to get you the best return. Your pieces get to market quickly and our national audience has more local bidders. Our auctions allow bidders more shopping time and we can handle pickup or delivery of your larger items. Also, you get paid for your items in 35-45 days. We will take the consignments other's refuse, which often contain unique sought-after pieces. Buyers check our site often to ensure they don't miss eclectic finds. Get the price your antiques and collectibles are worth at the Velvet Cricket.